The Difference

Leverage Commercial Real Estate is a boutique brokerage built on four cornerstones: a never-ending focus on enduring relationships...

The Team

Founded in 2009; owned and run by Nicholas Levesley and Philip Buchner, Leverage is governed by one abiding principle...

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The Difference

What We Do Is In The Detail

Leverage specialises in the sale of both commercial real estate portfolios and individual assets across South Africa. Commercial Real Estate is an information-imperfect industry, and a non-homogenous asset class. We thus differentiate ourselves by understanding our clients' specific needs and skill sets, proactively performing rigorous deal analysis and serving accurate data on each deal. This attention to detail delivers clarity on the numbers and drives time efficiency – for all parties.

As Specialists We Also Know What We Don't Do

We don't do auctions. We don't do signboards. We avoid conflicts of interest, and do not run side property funds. We do not accept equity incentives from buyers. Rather, we work discreetly with trusted property players and focus on sales transactions where our financial training and skill set can be most effectively applied.

Old-Fashioned Principles with New Technology

Leverage combines market information, financial science, rigorous data analysis and superior business processes to meet our clients’ specific needs. We enjoy access to what we firmly believe to be South Africa’s finest property database. The result is a deal process based on a factual foundation. This fact-based approach makes buying and selling commercial real estate as efficient as possible, with minimum chance of human error.

The Team

Every Property Deal, Done Properly

Founded in 2009; owned and run by Nicholas Levesley and Philip Buchner, Leverage is governed by one abiding principle: do property, properly. Our code of ethics, combined with our Chartered Accountant training define a clear benchmark for excellence in finance matters and professional conduct.

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